Article: will your job be done by a machine?

No doubt all the jobs will be done by machines at the very end (when there will be no more paid work, the activities performed by individuals could not be called jobs anymore). But is interesting to see this paper where authors calculate chances of your job to been automatized.


Unfortunately, the paper does not take into consideration future developments on AI and robotics, that will due course happen. Also some variables are not taken in to consideration. Take “fashion models” as an example. Although with the variables used in the study the chance to see this job automatized is of 97.6%, it seems very unlikely that this will happen any time soon. Why? Obviously the skills needed for been a fashion model could be easily replicated, but hardly the appearance of the robots been able to do so will equal that of their human counterparts. At least in a near future. At the same time, take a cashier, whose skills are also easily mimicked. Since physical appearance does not play here an important role it is easy to see that the days of the supermarket cashiers are counting down.

Based on what we know today about automatization, it is a good approach, though, to what will happen in 10-20 years, but no further than that.

Calculate the chances of losing your job due to automatization following the link below:


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