The call for a basic income

When the time the majority of working age population will be unemployed arrives, the call for a basic income for every citizen will see its call. At least in the more developed countries.

It is expected that with sky rocketing unemployment rates in all ages, both genders, the three sectors, blue and white collar jobs, etc… governments will have to react. Given the nature of our capitalistic economies and political systems, the solution will not come from cutting the roots of the problem (robotization) since this one is increasing productivity and increasing revenues on the a new economic sector that gains as well political power (probably those first new-era robotic companies will be integrated in big conglomerates with “old” folks like Google, Microsoft, etc). The solution will have to come then not as a solution, as usual, but as an amendment, a kind of new New Deal.

States will have to find ways to feed their unemployed population, and probably that will be the time for the basic income programs in Europe, USA, Canada, Japan, and few more that can afford it. Those unemployed will receive a basic quantity that will allow them to purchase basic needs, to subsist. Those others, luckier, with a job in the new sector, will add that basic income to their salary.

Nevertheless, almost all jobs will be gone after a period I would like to call the “Dark decades”. The basic income programs will be just a wise and necessary idea -for those countries that can afford- to navigate across the coming dark age.

Here is a video I recently watched at TED about basic income. I am sure there are more complete explanations, but this one is easy to understand for everyone.


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