Google car improves performance… and what is the future of “pedicabs”?

Google continues, in competition with other companies, to quickly develop automatized cars that will be able to navigate through traffic without human assistance.

Google car improves performance

And taxi drivers worry about Uber? Really?! That´s how short sighted we became.

Taxi and bus drivers, the first positions to be eliminated perhaps? That for the developed world is already a challenge, what is it for developing countries? Not only taxi and bus drivers live on transporting people to their job. They are actually the privileged ones of those who live of transporting people in developing countries.

In the developing world, millions make (barely make, should be said) their living by pulling tricycles or “pedicabs”. Given the engulfing nature of capitalism system and it never ending hunger for more, added to the advent of the third industrial revolution -or rather, the robotic revolution-  it is to expect that capable capitalistic entrepreneurs (aka, with money and the “know how”) will develop businesses where small robots equipped with the same navigation software cars and buses will use will replace “pedicabs” and similar means of transportation. How those millions will cope with this punch directed to their jaw?

Here is an excerpt from a paper on the importance of “pedicabs” and similar means on the livelihoods of poor in Metro Manila:

“As long as the unemployment situation does not improve and urban migration in not controlled, NMVs will provide a source of employment and means of livelihood. The number of poor people in metro Manila has been increasing in the past few years with little sign of abatement, and this has coincided with an increase in the number of pedicabs”.

Even important capitalistic institutions as de Asian Development Bank (ADB) acknowledges the importance of those means of subsistence also encouraging their use as subsistence means, for what it seems there is no alternative to provide to that population.

Electric tricycles to be introduced in the Philippines

What is a challenge in a developed country can become a disaster in a developing one.


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