Nestle will use 1,000 robots to promote its products in Japan

I have been writing about how taxi drivers, security personnel, and house help will soon be replaced by robots. Those low qualified -and easy to automatize- jobs will be within the first ones to disappear, leaving millions of low qualified individuals around the world with no access to decent means to sustain themselves.

Sales staff is probably also one of the first categories that will disappear in the coming decade(s?). Although the intrinsic characteristics of this particular job category -where face to face relationships are important and “looks matter”- the advantages that renders for a capitalistic economy to employ machines will no doubt make human sales personnel, bar tenders, and similar personnel to become more and more rare to see.

Unfortunately, this will also send scores of low qualified people to the street without a job.

What amazes me more, however, is that even though it is crystal clear to me what is going to happen in the coming decades, nobody seems to care. Where are the labor unions? The international organizations, like the ILO? Any politician? They worry to be called luddites? People seem rather distracted with main stream news on home baked wars, pandemics to be, and soccer finals, rather than with the uncertain world that is to arrive. If any reaction, I see amusement in their faces when they see these robots replacing humans in their jobs. Is everybody hypnotized? Is this the result of a magic trick like those in which the magician makes people focus in one of his hands while he performs the trick with the other?

I have a bet with myself. These naïve videos of the first humanoid robots will be seen in 20-30 years from now on the same way nowadays we seen those old videos of the Nazi army in Nuremberg in the 30´s, or the preparations to launch the atomic bomb in the 40´s. What were those people possibly thinking? How could they get so wrong?

Where are the mobs with torches?


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