Singapore´s maid ‘sale’: from human rights violations to automatization

Singapore has been accused for permitting the “sale at discounted prices” of foreign workers (maids) in their malls, in this article published in Aljazeera´s website.

The highly competed in-house labour market is highly marked by millions of developing countries´ citizens trying to get an unskilled job in more developed countries. These jobs, frequently are offered in countries that lack a clean record human rights. Examples range from the Middle East and Saudi Arabia to East Asia and China.

Maids for sale in Singaporean malls The tension between three competing forces (increasing number of job seekers competing – decreasing quality of the working conditions- and certain kind of political pressure [weak pressure though] to better the working conditions) will result in the future in a push that will bring the first massive automatization process. Like if a social experiment it was, in the coming decade we will see what will happen in the origin countries when hundreds of thousands of their poorest citizens cannot find a job abroad anymore, while the local labour markets are unable to absorb that “reserve army”.

At the same time, in countries like Philippines, where the Catholic church is an almighty political force, they are unable -and unwilling- to reduce the pace of their population growth. This population growth is largely centered in the poorest quintiles of their population, a fact that arithmetically increases the “reserve army” year after year.

The worst humanitarian disaster of the 21st century is yet to come.


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